Dish for 10GHz.

Colin Ranson

Now that the 3cm transverters will soon be available, and many thanks to Neil for his hard work, I guess we will all have to start thinking antennas. Some of us will no doubt already be there, but I have to start thinking of options.  I intend to start small, with a 125mW amplifier/LNA/relays in a plastic box under the feed horn support arm with the transverter in the loft/shack.  And also by small I mean the dish – how rare are 40cm round offset dishes it seems ? and how much gain can I expect from a 40cm dish alone ? The ones I’ve seen are hugely expensive.  The feed is still under consideration as is a standard Zone one elliptical. I really need to keep it small as there is already a Sky dish on the building as well as a QO-100 1m dish round the other side. I am hoping it will share a bit of space under my 9cm QLY.


Thoughts appreciated please.


73’s and thanks


Colin de G8LBS.


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