Re: New 241 GHz record (via F1VL)

Neil Smith G4DBN

On 10/03/2021 11:22, militaryoperator via wrote:

Seems I'm wasting my time and efforts in some respects.
Hi Ben, time spent playing on the radio is never wasted though. It is far better than time spent NOT playing on the radio...

I often struggled to make 50 km in the 432 FMAC using an 18-ele beam and my handheld, even with it vertical, so you are doing better than I was.

There is a lot of chat around how the 20 mW at 241 GHz was generated. With 57 dBi gain, that is a mighty EIRP, and then the little matter of climbing a mountain and having an optical path does tend to add a shedload of dBs to the signal!


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