Re: New 241 GHz record (via F1VL)


New IARU R1 record on 241 GHz. QSO 6 March 2020, 17.10 UTC between:
DK5NJ at JO50TI29JN 690m ASL Schwedenwache (DK0NA) and DB6NT at JO60GJ03MN 896m ASL Aschberg (Saxe).
Distance 63.987 km.


Best last night here in 432FMAC was just 62Km, with 50W to X5000 colinear at 50ft. 

Mind you, someone got 112Km with 25W and a dipole......... apparently!.
I wonder how high the dipole was?

Seems I'm wasting my time and efforts in some respects. 


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