New 241 GHz record (via F1VL)

Neil Smith G4DBN

Tks F1VL on hyperfr-ref for this news snippet from DB6NT and DK5NJ. Marvellous stuff

Neil G4DBN

New IARU R1 record on 241 GHz. QSO 6 March 2020, 17.10 UTC between:

DK5NJ at JO50TI29JN 690m ASL Schwedenwache (DK0NA) and DB6NT at JO60GJ03MN 896m ASL Aschberg (Saxe).
Distance 63.987 km.
Reports 559/599.
Temp -1C, RH 45%.
Both receivers used a sub-harmonic mixer drive by a 120 GHz LO
Transmit power 20 mW
Both ends used 40 cm dishes with a gain of 57 dB and a beasmwidth of less than 0.25°
This was a line of sight path, and alignment was done using riflescopes
Signal strength was around 30dB over noise, suggesting the possibility that 100 km could have been achieved under those conditions.

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