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Andy G4JNT

I have dozens, nay hundreds possibly,  of second-hand feedthroughs of all sizes.   They are one of the items worth recovering above all else from scrap rally-purchases, being so expensive bought new.
However, having said that, there aren't many in there with a thread diameter of 4mm.  Some measure at 4.5mm and many 5.5 or 6mm

I was going to say  PM me your address, but Roger's message just-now popped up to say he had loads of that size, so better off there.    
But if anyone else needs larger feed throughs, I do have a wide selection...   See photo attached ...

Actually it's damned annoying.   Most of them have coarse American threads and I have no or very few nuts suitable, so quite often end up soldering in threaded types - which sometimes damages them and always looks untidy.    The only metric threaded feedthroughs have generally come from Eu built ex mob phone etc kit - which is usually too good in itself to just rip apart from the components.


On Wed, 10 Mar 2021 at 07:59, John Lemay <john@...> wrote:
I'm looking for just one feedthrough capacitor, to replace a failed item:

The most important feature is the screw-in thread, which needs to be 8-32,
to fit the tapped hole in my case. Overall length about 20mm. Capacitance
value is unimportant and the working voltage only needs to be 24v.

Anyone got one tucked away in the spare component drawer ?

Tip: 8-32 thread looks like M4 at first glance.


John G4ZTR

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