Re: Feedthrough capacitor wanted

John Lemay


That would be brilliant thanks !

I'll drop you my address on a PM.


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Hi John,

I have got a few hundred 1000pF. I believe are 8/32. ie same size but will not fit a 4mm nut. I can send you a few.

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I'm looking for just one feedthrough capacitor, to replace a failed item:

The most important feature is the screw-in thread, which needs to be 8-32,
to fit the tapped hole in my case. Overall length about 20mm. Capacitance
value is unimportant and the working voltage only needs to be 24v.

Anyone got one tucked away in the spare component drawer ?

Tip: 8-32 thread looks like M4 at first glance.


John G4ZTR

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