Re: Nano VNA SAA-2N and G3XDY QRO filter

Brian Howie GM4DIJ

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I tried it on a dummy load. I seems to be OK until about 3.8 then it's a bit noisy as was mentioned. The trace was a bit less lumpy after I calibrated it up to 4GHz.


Brian GM4DIJ

Just select 4GHz as the upper frequency limit when setting the sweep range and do a calibration run prior to measurement. Dynamic range and accuracy may be a bit below spec but it does provide a good indication of what is going on.


John G3XDY

On 09/03/2021 11:23, Brian Howie GM4DIJ wrote:
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The VNA SAA-2 series use the ADF4350 as source oscillators, which in
theory will go to 4.4 GHz. Mine goes easily to 4 GHz, although the
noise floor does start to increase above 3 GHz. That said, it can
characterise a 9 cm filter or antenna easily if you're not after 70 dB
of dynamic range!
73, Dave G1EHF
I got a SAA-2N recently . Is there anything specialĀ  you have to do to get it to go up there ?


Brian GM4DIJ
Brian Howie

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