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Hello Roger

Look at the Twitter page from PE1CMO, scroll dwn to 28 march 2019 and there you can see his mod for that lnb.

Best 73's


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Verzonden: Maandag 8 maart 2021 17:07:30
Onderwerp: [UKMicrowaves] Octagon OSLG Green LNB

I've just bought an LNB marked:-

Single Octagon OSLG Green LNB

It was sold as having:-

PLL Technology 25MHz Crystal.

I'm having my doubts whether this is a PLL LNB because it wanders far more than others that I've
bought. I don't want to dismantle it at the moment. The advert was pretty specific about the 25MHz

So does anybody had experience of this particular LNB?

If it is a PLL LNB has anybody modified one for an external clock?

I've modified a number of LNBs over the years so that's not a problem. Just looking for a bit of
input from those who may know.

Roger GW4NOS

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