I have a suspicion that the fact that the beacon beams NNE using a sectoral horn meant that I wasn’t getting the maximum signal available. Needs more observation. 
Dave G4GLT. 

On 8 Mar 2021, at 15:55, John Fell <john.g0api@...> wrote:

Hi Dave ,
That signal is a good 579 in EME ears ......
I just looked up my last Spot of MCB and I see it is very close to the frequency you quote today - which makes me happy to know it was not another spurion .It was VERY weak though .Now my Pine tree 'tut West /SW is now 20Ft lower I hope to hear MCB during good RS .If all else may take some kit down to Helston in June hols .


On Mon, 8 Mar 2021 at 13:05, Dave via <> wrote:
I stopped briefly by the roadside at a very elevated spot 
(362 masl)at IO70XM west of Princetown with an excellent low horizon to the Cornish beacon on 10ghz.
The recording is enclosed , and I can convert it to another file type if necessary.
Using a DB6NT transverter mark 3 with GPS control and an FT817 the frequency came out at 10368.96833 MHz.
The report was 569 and with high pressure and only being 58km away I had expected thew beacon to be a bit stronger.
Dave G4GLT

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