Re: 'MCB

Neil Smith G4DBN

Thanks Dave and Chris, what I was seeing is very very close to that frequency, but I was definitely not seeing any FSK, so that nails the factr that I was seeing something that is probably an artefact from a strong out of band signal in the same direction. I can't see ANYTHING that is in that direction though, so perhaps it is something on a sidelobe, but I can't find it now.  Has to be on an X band or higher frequency as the signal traverses 80cm of WR90.  There is nothing at all in terms of human habitation or anothing other than fields for almost 15 miles, and then it is only a couple of villages.  There is a wind tuirbine exactly on that path, so it is possible that I'm seeing a reflection of a harmonic of something, but it is remarkably stable.

Anyway, definitely NOT GB3MCB. It would be great to see it again, I used to see it coming through quite regularly.

Neil G4DBN

On 08/03/2021 14:46, Chris Bartram G4DGU wrote:
Armed with Dave's measurement of frequency, I had another look for MCB, this time using a reputedly 20dBi patch array antenna. It is there, but just too weak to copy the FSK aurally. As an estimate, the level here is of the order of 25dB below that I which was seeing when I last looked - but that was about 18months ago.

I almost agree with the frequency Dave quotes. Also using a GPS referenced system, I made the frequency (at about 14.00) 10368.896832MHz. As the beacon isn't frequency locked that's pretty close ...


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