The subject of the GB3MHZ 3cm beacon came up during today’s Martlesham Radio Society AGM (on Zoom, where else?!).
The beacon power level is well down on normal, hence reception can be difficult. Site access is a continuing problem. However, as soon as room access can be arranged a temporary 3cm beacon, running a bit more power, will be installed in one of the tower windows. This will restrict take off direction, but is better than no beacon. Once outside access to the antenna gallery can be arranged, something more permanent can be installed.

73 de Sam, G4DDK

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On 8 Mar 2021, at 14:17, Chris Bartram G4DGU <> wrote:

Was that report of the reception of 'MCB today, Dave? I'm located only about 5km from the beacon, and it is usually audible here, albeit quite weak due to the beacon's location not far up the mast on Hensbarrow Downs and path obstruction caused by the aforementioned lump of granite.

On a near-LOS path, such as that from Hensbarrow to quite a lot of Dartmoor, the path losses can be quite low: as soon as obstructions come into play, they increase quite surprisingly.

I've listened for the signal several times over the last few days, and nothing has been audible. Although I'm only using a low-noise feedhorn as an antenna, that has a waveguide-input HEMT preamp driving a transverter which is well proven, I'm surprised that I've not seen anything. If the output power has crashed significantly, that could explain the problem.

One of the problems with MCB/10GHz is that the group who host it seem to give it a very low priority. I'm not even sure that they have the ability to monitor it properly. I get the impression that they treat it as a bit of a PITA.


Chris G4DGU

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