Re: Phase Centre of WiFi dongle

Glyn M0XGT

I think it’s always going to be slightly tricky relying on the internal antenna in the dongle – better to either hack the board and connect via the test connector or use a device that has external antenna connectors. 
The solution I like is a Ubiquiti Bullet M5, or dual-chain Rocket M5, with external N-type or SMA (after RP-SMA adaptors) connectors and an Ethernet connection to a 24V POE switch or POE injector plus 24V DC-DC converter and LiPo. This lets you put the access point at the top of a mast with data and power run over a long outdoor Ethernet cable, and it leaves you with just a short coax run to the antenna ports. I get the ubiquity kit on eBay, new from Latvia or used from UK/EU.
I have a collection of different antennas depending on the task: 6 dBi or 8 dBi omnis for UAV ground-to-air links or general area coverage, a pair of 18 dBi patches for moderate distance, and a pair of 28 dBi dual-polarised dishes for much long point-to-point links. For short range links you can push the data-link channel bandwidth right up (300 Mb/s with 40 MHz channels, dual-chain) or dial it down to increase the range. 
Glyn M0XGT  

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