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John E. Beech

Tnx Glynn,
I did do some tests a few years ago which showed some promise. I used a Sky/Amstrad elliptical dish (
designed for 11 GHz, so reduced gain at 2.45 GHz about 20 dB) at one end with a helical feed antenna and about
10 ft of RG58 with an SMA connector on one end to connect to the Wifi card in a desktop PC. The other end of
the link had a
60 cm diam Grampian outside broadcast microphone dish ( also about 20 dB, which I had previously used on 3 cm
WBFM) with the dongle at/near the focus. It worked over the length of my garden - hardly surprising as the distance
was only 130 feet! The "normal" wifi set-up dropped out at that distance.
I then tried it at a range of about 1 km ie between my QTH & Coventry ARS QTH with mixed results. The
path should be line of sight, across a valley, but it is obstructed. The only place I could detect it was 50 yards up the
drive (inconvenient) from the club house ( church hall). At the time I chose "middle for diddle" as far as dongle/dish
focus went.
However, since then one of the obstructions to wit a 120 ft tall Lombardy Poplar tree at the bottom of my
garden has gone - blown down in a gale and sawn up for firewood. So I thought I might try again, but this time
optimising the system a bit better. And perhaps I might get it to work via a reflectin path as there are a number of
high rise buildings dotted about the area.

de John G8SEQ

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It's usually at the far end opposite the USB connector (along with a
u.fl test connector that you can hack).
What sort of link distance are you aiming for?

Glyn M0XGT

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