Re: Nano VNA SAA-2N and G3XDY QRO filter

Alan Melia

Hi Colin, there was a good article in Dubus a year or two back by W1GHZ I think which explains what you can do and how to do it.

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Hi David, I got an SAA-2N about a month ago and other than charge it and turn it on I have done nothing with. It is complex for this old brain so I will need to clear the decks and condition myself to learning. I need to properly tune my 73ele Quad Loop Yagi for 3.4GHz as well as tune up a filter.




Colin de G8LBS.


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Yes indeed a work of art and a very useful addition to the station.  Lucky you.   If I am lucky to live to get to another round table at Ipswich, I might well ask if John et al are able to check to see whether I did actually get them correctly set up. Roll on the day.

My main point was that this VNA was specification  to 3Ghz and yet I was using it up to 4GHz, which was a pleasant surprise.  I read somewhere that there are still later versions. I wonder if they also have ranges extended beyond the claimed maximum frequency range?


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