Neil Smith G4DBN

Nice signals from GB3OSW across the Pennines, decoding at -18dB but audible CWID. Two 1500 ft hills in the path don't seem to worry the RF at all.

Neil G4DBN

On 05/03/2021 15:52, Peter G3SMT via wrote:

Hi John,

Unfortunately the beacon issues coincided with me having an accident so I had to repair myself before tackling the beacon.

There were a number of minor issues with loss of gain from MMIC amplifiers reducing the drive levels but new chips restored the correct levels. What took some time was an intermittent issue traced to a 3 dB attenuator that would be OK one minute and then have a 30 dB loss the next so a new unit solved the issue.


PeterĀ  G3SMT

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