Re: Nano VNA SAA-2N and G3XDY QRO filter

geoffrey pike

The only snag is the time to sweep a filter and with the software i use i see no continuous sweep facility like
the NanoVNA has, but yes good value and very easy to use especially the calibration

On Friday, 5 March 2021, 11:25:22 GMT, david656179 via <david.m.k@...> wrote:

Just finished the 2nd filter, these 0603 components are tricky and can fly long distances !!

Note to say that by setting different calibrated ranges for 1296 - 2592 and 3888 MHz on this VNA I was able to check the return loss at 1296 and tune for best dips at 2592 and 3888.  The point being that the VNA is listed as 3 GHz top frequency, mine appeared to go to 4 GHz.  Sure the readings might be inaccurate but if one is just tuning a filter for rejection, finding this extended range was a pleasant surprise.  I have not altered any of the firmware/software from purchase last Autumn, when I think i am right is saying John XDY, reported that there were several owners in the Ipswich area.  A remarkable unit for around £100 carriage paid.


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