Re: Nano VNA SAA-2N and G3XDY QRO filter

Colin Ranson

Yes, I have one that John set up for me, its a work of art !


De G8LBS, Ipswich.


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Subject: [UKMicrowaves] Nano VNA SAA-2N and G3XDY QRO filter


Just finished the 2nd filter, these 0603 components are tricky and can fly long distances !!

Note to say that by setting different calibrated ranges for 1296 - 2592 and 3888 MHz on this VNA I was able to check the return loss at 1296 and tune for best dips at 2592 and 3888.  The point being that the VNA is listed as 3 GHz top frequency, mine appeared to go to 4 GHz.  Sure the readings might be inaccurate but if one is just tuning a filter for rejection, finding this extended range was a pleasant surprise.  I have not altered any of the firmware/software from purchase last Autumn, when I think i am right is saying John XDY, reported that there were several owners in the Ipswich area.  A remarkable unit for around £100 carriage paid.



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