Re: 23cm warm cable

Rien Eradus PA0JME

Hi all,

My experience 0.25 inch at 1296MHz and 120 Watt RF is OK, it certainly is better since 0.141 will become to hot too

Short ends (20 to 30cms) can be found at fleamarkets, often used as phasing lines in antenna's for UMTS and the like

Pityfull fleamarkets are far from common at the moment, I know

Aliexpress also supplies new cable RG401, though not really cheap (around USD18/m), and waiting time can be long

Best regards Rien PA0JME

Op 4-3-2021 om 12:53 schreef militaryoperator via

You should be using .141 at that level / frequency


Yes, I guessed that Andy.I can see N plugs on ebay but couldn't see any cable, will keep searching. 

Thanks, Ben. 

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