Re: microwave absorbent adhesive polymer?

John E. Beech

I forgot we were talking about silicone foam. Contact adhesive won't work very well either. I have some silicone glue
made by DMC which would probably stick it BUT reading the warnings on the label, I think it contains acetic acid which is
not a good idea around electronics, so if you are thinking of using silicone sealer as glue it should be the sort that
DOESEN'T smell of vinegar.

I haven't studied the detail of this project but doesn't this absorber go inside the tin plate box lid? So wouldn't the fridge
stuff be a good option?

de John G8SEQ

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I would have thought contact adhesive such as Evostick, Bostik or Thixofix would be a good option. Snag is you only
one chance to stick it in the right place otherwise it is rip it off & start again.

de John G8SEQ

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>  Neil
>  Before you order check with Mouser that their material has the
>  pressure sensitive adhesisve tape option - the Mouser description just
>  says mounting is "adhesive". Does that mean it's got the adhesive film
>  or that you need adhesive to glue it in place? The Digikey version
>  does at least says that the adhesive is non-conductive single sided so
>  I'm assuming that this is the factory fitted adhesive sheet . The base
>  number just referes to the material and the laird site lists the psa
>  as an option -
>  The non-adhesive stuff is a pig for amateur use as nothing seems to
>  stick it reliably, carpet tape falls off and superglue / rtv fail
>  rapidly. The proper adhesive is a two part mix that's fiendishly
>  expensive, comes in a one litre can which has very limited shelf life
>  and has enough skull and crossbones warning symbols to sink a pirate
>  ship. I had to use it once and swore never, ever, again.
>  HTH Dave G8KHU

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