Re: microwave absorbent adhesive polymer?


I would like to echo that comment about finding suitable adhesive to use with the polyurethane/silicon absorber materials. I was given a few sheets of 'plain' absorber of the sort I use with my VLNA preamps. I have tried all sorts of adhesives, but none of them adhere properly and several of them caused the absorber sheet to curl up.
I went back to the self adhesive type, expensive as it is.

73 de Sam, G4DDK

On 4 Mar 2021, at 08:18, Dave G8KHU <david@...> wrote:

Before you order check with Mouser that their material has the pressure sensitive adhesisve tape option - the Mouser description just says mounting is "adhesive". Does that mean it's got the adhesive film or that you need adhesive to glue it in place? The Digikey version does at least says that the adhesive is non-conductive single sided so I'm assuming that this is the factory fitted adhesive sheet . The base number just referes to the material and the laird site lists the psa as an option -
The non-adhesive stuff is a pig for amateur use as nothing seems to stick it reliably, carpet tape falls off and superglue / rtv fail rapidly. The proper adhesive is a two part mix that's fiendishly expensive, comes in a one litre can which has very limited shelf life and has enough skull and crossbones warning symbols to sink a pirate ship. I had to use it once and swore never, ever, again.

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