Re: microwave absorbent adhesive polymer?

Neil Smith G4DBN

Thanks Dave, Mouser have Eccosorb MCS 1mm in 12 x 12 inch sheets for £89.51 in 5-off, part number 739-21109145, a bit cheaper than Digikey at £104.

Assume 2 x 6 inch sections, that means 12 units per sheet. With the VAT, that is £8.95 per transverter for the full-fat high-end proper material, and free carriage, no carrier fees.

I did buy a couple of A4 sheets of fridge magnet material, but I'll probably use them to fix things to whiteboards and tin cupboards and maybe even fridges.

Neil G4DBN

On 03/03/2021 20:33, Dave G8KHU wrote:
Personaly I'd go for Eccosorb MCS, it's almost 80dB/cm absorbtion at 10 GHz cf the < 20 dB/cm of the chomerics CHO-MUTE

(digikey 903-1498-ND)

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