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John Lemay



Many thanks for the helpful and constructive comments. I think it’s quite likely I’ll make a permanent version of this trial single arm – seems there are more pros than cons.


To put some meat on the design; it’s a 1.5m dish with 0.43 F/D. It may not look like that in the picture though. It’s a loop feed with choke, currently with just a 9cms loop, but with 13 and 23cms to be added, based on a design by OM6AA. I’m experimenting with the feed position on 9cms, being the most critical.


Bending the ribs is fun, with nothing but a bench vice and a template. The first one took ages but by the time I’d done 11 the last one was just a few minutes work.


John G4ZTR


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I have a similar home made feed without the ring (I think it's a loop you have there). It's supported on a 12mm fibreglass rod running from centre of dish to centre of feed. The feed has 4 thin 100lb non stretch braided Dacron fishing lines running as "guys" to the edge of the dish.
Dacron is used for kite line and fishing line. It could be a solution if to feel the arm is a bit wobbly.


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