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Raymond Brooks

Thanks Chris,  that's the sort of information I needed,  I'll have to use ldf2-50 with the higher losses until I find a another solution.  

On 20 Feb 2021 09:44, Chris Bartram G4DGU <chris@...> wrote:


I had an 'interesting' experience a decade ago attempting to use a long
length (~20m) of LDF4-50 on 10GHz. It was used as a temporary
replacement for the low-level 10GHz RX feed from my old EME dish. The
LDF1-50 I'd originally used became intermittent, and the only vaguely
suitable cable I had at the the time was a length of 4-50. The larger
cable appeared to work initially, and the insertion loss seemed about
right. However, over time the IL varied from far better than seemed
possible to enormously large!

My diagnosis was that the cable was supporting (at least!) two
propagation modes: normal TEM, as we'd usually expect in coax, and a
waveguide mode. As the length of the cable varied with temperature, the
two waves travelled along the cable, and interfered with each other
either constructively or destructively leading to the large variations
(>10dB) in loss. Replacing that cable was to be my next job at the time
I had to dismantle the system.

The moral of that story is not to use cables above their design
frequency range!


Chris G4DGU

Raymond G8KPS

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