Re: Ecoflex 15?

Raymond Brooks

I'm thinking of using 4 x FSJ1-50 superflex to loop around rotator as I have a quantity of reasonable lengths, this will also make it easy to ground the feeder at the top of the mast. Has anyone tried using LDF4-50 for 6cm & 3cm. I know its outside the published frequency range but I was hoping to use it on a quad band dish feed on the mast as I'm not able to mount the tranverters on the mast.

On 17 Feb 2021 19:51, "militaryoperator via" <Military1944@...> wrote:
Where's the best place to get a short length of Eco15, say 10ft, 3 to 4Mtrs?

I want to replace the LMR400 feeder I'm using now.

ebay has a German supplier, any in UK?


Raymond G8KPS

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