Re: GB3SCF clean propagation

John Fell

Missed that OSW is orf air .
I have yet to detect it here even with some impressive Wet along the path .

Looking at the mapping of reports on BeaconSpot.UK , nobody else has seen it to the South of its location - unless anybody wants to fess up ?
It's not the ideal path but maybe we are in an antenna null ?

Any news on the RPE and Greenham Common 10GHz Beacons anyone ??


On Fri, 19 Feb 2021 at 14:28, Neil Smith G4DBN <neil@...> wrote:

My signal into Mow Cop across the Pennines was almost free of scintillation around 00:30 this morning.  The faint troposcatter blur on the waterfall that GB3KBQ was managing to create from 340 km away was spread out over 50 Hz or so.  Nothing seen at all from PKT at 240 km.  With OSW and CAM both off and no signal this way from Martlesham, it was all a bit quiet, no sign of EU, not even the old faithfuls DB0GHZ or PI7ALK.

Neil G4DBN

On 19/02/2021 14:15, John Fell wrote:
Seems it's usual self here , all be it windy and damp ..... all other beacons at IO80UU59QP  normal too.


On Fri, 19 Feb 2021 at 13:54, Andy G4JNT <andy.g4jnt@...> wrote:
GB3SCF seems extraordinarily non-scattered today on the 70km path.   
The trace it so sharp you can make out frequency wobble from the GPSDO on it

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