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I have modified several of these, and the 4 output versions, for use on q100, and 10.368 GHz.

Paul G6UAJ

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From: Dave Brown <2c39a@...>
Date: 18/02/2021 21:48 (GMT+00:00)
Subject: [UKMicrowaves] 3cm receive only system

I want to set up a receive only 3cm system to monitor beacons etc.
I understand that there are a few LNBs that use a crystal controlled LO and
some of these are being used (with mods) to receive QO-100. As this
application is 3cm receive only I believe I should be able to use the LNB,
mechanically unmodified?
I have no real limitations as regards IF frequency as long as its below
2GHz . I'm looking for recommendations as to which of the few LNBs available
that fall in this category I should get. If I can get away with no LO mods
so much the better but happy to eventually use an external  frequency source
if I find stability inadequate. Had a trawl through earlier posts re QO-100
etc but no clear picture has emerged re which LNB might be best for this
Dave, ZL3FJ
Christchurch, NZ

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