Re: A proper RAE again

John E. Beech

Drop it to single exam 100 Q's 3 Hrs Maximum.

de John G8SEQ

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The current exam structure looks like this:

Foundation: 26 questions, 1-hour, fee £27.50,
Intermediate: 46 questions, 1.5-hour, fee £32.50,
Full: 58 questions, 2-hour, fee £37.50,
[requirement for practical assessments currently suspended due to

With the proposal to add:
Direct to Full: 130 questions, 4.5-hour, fee £73.00.

130 = 26 + 46 + 58.
4.5 hours = 1 + 1.5 + 2
£73 (save £24.50 on the total)

It looks equivalent to simply running the content of three exams in a
single session (the same numbers of questions in the same timeframe).
This seems reasonable, but 4.5 hr is possibly too long for a single

Why not split it into smaller units with a break in between or taken
on different days? – which raises the question of why not just
introduce coordinated “sequential and adjacent” scheduling of the
Foundation, Intermediate, and Full as an option instead. This would
allow the award of Foundation and/or Intermediate if the criteria for
Full was not completely met, whereas the Direct to Full would "all or

Glyn M0XGT

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