Re: Ecoflex 15?

Clive, G3GJA

Ben – have a look here: LLA400UF® ULTRA FLEX Coaxial Cable - 1M INCREMENTS ( It’s an ultra-flexible version of their own-branded clone of LMR400 and they sell in 1m increments. They also do custom cables Amateur (HAM) Radio Products (


Our local repeater group has 4 x 25m runs of the LLA400 in use and they are on a 4 section telescopic tower. No problems at all. They replaced lengths of W103.


New drums of replacement W103 cable were going to be used but we found them have much higher attenuation claimed so LLA400 was ordered. Attenuation was spot on.


Better still was that a crackle that had affected the 2m repeater for years disappeared. When the old W103 was inspected we found that the copper foil shield had broken into hundreds of segments 4-6cm long. The poor coverage braid (40%) wasn’t enough to join all of the bits.


LLA400 claims 95% braid coverage and has a metalized plastic film foil which shouldn’t crack into segments. I would be extremely wary of using any coax that uses a copper foil for shielding.


Clive G3GJA


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I have plenty in my scrap bin after it went high loss from before I found out you should never bend it more than once....


Neil G4DBN


Ah, you have me worried now Neil. I use a telescopic push-up mast with either the 23, 13, 9 or 3Cm antenna on, occasionally more than one but the 10Ghz is 2Mtr down so any old bit of string is ok. 


I have a couple of lengths, about 10ft, for the 23, 13 or 9 feeds so there is some flexing needed though of course, the cable hangs vertically (tied to the mast as I erect it) with just the one bend at the bottom to go into the sets. 


Maybe the flexibility of the LMR400 is handy. The loss per 10ft )1500Mhz) would seem to be 0.51db for LMR400, 0.33db for LMR600 and 0.41db for eco15.


LMR600 might be a better choice. 



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