Re: Low Noise Power Supply

Brian Howie GM4DIJ

In message <>, Chris Bartram G4DGU <> writes
Nothing to do with microwaves, except possibly that it will help me sort-out/rationalise my workroom/shack, and thus help hasten my return to having an operational station.

Does anyone have any (polite!) suggestions regarding a low-noise 12V 20A+ switching PSU?


Chris G4DGU
I bought a used HP ProLiant 750W PSU Power Supply from e-bay last year to use /P , rather than lugging a heavy linear supply. They come in at about £12 and easy to mod for 13.8V or you can leave them at 12V.

Http:// under low cost SMPU

HP ProLiant DL360 G6 750W Power Supply (HSTNS-PD18 version)

They seem quite enough for what I do.

There's plenty of suppliers.

Brian GM4DIJ
Brian Howie

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