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ian hope (2E0IJH)

We've trashed many lengths of LMR 400 and clones contesting.
From experience, The shirleen RCF clone is horrid, Jacket is very tough and unflexible even on the UF version and doesnt come near spec
The HDR 400 versions from WIFI antennas are very good and close to "real LMR 400"
The LLA400 versions from CCS are also close to "real LMR 400" and there UF version is very flexible

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Dear All,
I have not yet measured a length of Ecoflex 15 that met its specified loss, even when new. I have measured very bad suck-outs at frequencies above 2GHz on some samples.
Ecoflex 10 when new, has generally been close to its specified loss.
A difference between cables of this sort (Ecoflex, M&P….) and the Times Microwave LMR Ultraflex series is the low braid coverage. As the foil cracks, radiation losses increase dramatically.
My measurements on Times Microwave LMR 400 Ultraflex show losses close to spec. even on samples that have been flexed for several years. 
Note that I specify “Times Microwave LMR 400 Ultraflex”; there are many fakes, “LMR 400 type” etc etc which I would not vouch for.
Alwyn G8DOH 
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