Re: Ecoflex 15?

Neil Smith G4DBN

I have a 25 m run of Ecoflex 15 plus that has never been moved and it is as good now as when it was installed.  However, the runs that I had on the pump-up, which were coiled carefully into a 1m diameter heap and raised/lowered once a day on average, started to get suck-outs and lossiness at 23cm and 13cm after six months. Might have happened sooner, but I noticed things were getting slightly worse over time. Same with some patch leads that Tony brought round.  Some that were 2m long had 3dB loss at 13cm and 1.5dB at 23cm, and the loss changed as you moved the cables. After slicing off the insulation, we found that the copper foil was split into sections a couple of inches long, with only the scanty outer braid carrying the current between the sections. It is a bit of a swine to terminate reliably as well. Flexy heliax is hugely more practical.

Neil G4DBN

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