Re: A proper RAE again

Steve G4HTZ

I think a straight to full exam is a good idea ....but does it mean these more technically minded people are going to operate more ...or just come on forums like this blurting out technical stuff but never operating very much ....or maybe just a couple of hours once a month on a UKAC !!!

I just re joined the RSGB after a lapse of a few years ....welcome pack arrived today along with the February edition of radcom ....I think G4BAO summed it up well in his opening paragraph of his GHZ column .

I look forward to hearing some of the people who have bought the 10ghz transverter boards from G4DBN ...outside of contests of course .

me ...I’ve got the new DB6NT 10ghz and 24ghz transverters to cobble together when enthusiastic again ...having more fun refurbishing a Viking Johnson AM transmitter from the 1950s at the moment .

not very technical here ...passed RAE in 1977 as a 17 year old and Morse test a few months later ...never worked in a technical industry ...just bodged my way through my amateur radio operations ....and still doing so 😀

so more people actually operating rather than talking about it is the way to go .....

just my thoughts 
Steve G4HTZ 
Great Wakering, Essex 
24ghz 1.8w 80cm dish 

also known to be active occasionally on 70cms DATV 

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