Re: High VSWR on 432 MHz


If , you have a good modern oscilloscope , then why not build the cheap TimeDelay 'thing' , using a 74AC14

hex Shmitt trigger IC . it's on Youtube ...........

Just connect to the end of your Coax cable , and it will tell you if the problem is a short or open , and with some simple maths , how far along the coax , it is .........

On 17 February 2021 at 10:29 Andy GD1MIP <gd1mip@...> wrote:

Julian G4ZOD,  you said..... 'It seems that my new radio senses a higher VSWR then all my other stand alone meters'

My interest was caught. What radio do you have?  I have an IC9700,  that shows a higher SWR on 70cm and 23cm than my stand alone meters or antenna analyser,  eg 1.2:1 on analyser shows 2:1 on radio display. 

Andy Morgan GD1MIP 

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