High VSWR on 432 MHz


Good morning all.

Thank you all for your helpful feed back.

It is interesting that I can still hear the Beacon PI7CIS with my mast down. (and I am in Greater London) This seems to indicate that the Coax is still connected to the Antenna.

The last time I dropped the Scam Mast to change the seals and worked on the various Yagis, I found when we heaved the mast up, the VSWR had gone up up on the 70CMs Yagi .

What is interesting is that the VSWR goes up and down slightly depending on which meter I use to test it. ( But I can understand why I get these variation) (I did use a Bird Meter with a 800 MHz slug and it gave me a VSWR reading of about 3-1.)

It seems that my new radio senses a higher VSWR then all my other stand alone meters.

Until HMG and Boris ease the the restrictions sufficiently to get a "Working Party" around to my house I will stick to my 70Cms Colinear.

Thank you for the advice about the possible use of a suitable ATU. I think I will shelve the idea.

The good news is the my 2 Metre 5 element MET and 23 CMs 14 over 14 Tonna which have been on my mast for 28 Years are still working perfectly, so I can still get some contacts.

Julian G4ZOD

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