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Andy G4JNT

There are a lot of variables to SPI, it is not a properly defined protocol.   Does data change on the positive or negative clock edge;  is it LSB first or LSM first?   Does LE/CE have to be held active for the duration of the data transfer, or is it pulsed at the end?  Is the active edge low going or high going? 
For I/O devices, are there separate IP and OP wires, or is the D line tristate?
Every ine of these can be different
So you see there can be no standard chip or interface, every one has to be customised.   WHich is why a programmable device like a PIC or something else is aways used

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AD also do a VHF/UHF version, somewhat cheaper.


I just want some software that will allow me to specify a number of bytes to be sent, then to allow me to load up the bytes and send them.


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An interesting chip, SPI is well supported by Arduinos or Pics so controlling it wouldn’t be a problem.  


However at £500 each I think I will give it a miss for a while!.


Colin G4EML




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I wonder if anyone knows if there is any software about that can control a device connected via an SPI bus.


There are small compass modules available that are SPI controlled. Along with various PLL modules.


Also, Analog Devices has released a SPI controlled Filter chip ADMV8818 which maybe useful for amateur use.




Regards, Rich G8ZHA


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