Re: SAWF or Helical BP filter around 600MHz #10ghz

Colin Ranson



I just got some 820MHz double pole TOKO’s (5 x Toko 5HW-78045A-820, 5HW-78045 Helixfilter Helical Filter, 820 MHz) from  KUHNE via e-bay, not cheap at nearly 4 quid each, I really only needed one.  Using in my 92MHz – 2484 MHz multiplier at 828MHz.


Not looked but maybe some 600MHz there ?   An email to BEC distribution might help, a John Dodds – johnd@....


Hope helps


Colin de G8LBS.


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Maarten  the smaller filters do not go down to 600MHz..   730MHz min


Now we are outside the EU, I'm not sure how EU  would treat incoming gifts  or  low value items,  The UK has adopted new systems already, much discussed here.  I gather the EU will be doing similar  in a few months

So in essence  we both  have the same issue in sending you a filter..  with the possible difference  that I am not running a business.




On 07/02/2021 14:28, KENT BRITAIN wrote:

600 MHz Helical Filters?   

I have some 800 MHz Helical Filters that came out of analog cell sites.  They  

tune down to 450 MHz.     22 x 22 x 12  mm.    

Now, what do we do about VAT?   Kent


On Sunday, February 7, 2021, 07:24:04 AM CST, Maarten PA0MHE <maarten.heuvelman@...> wrote:



For a new 10GHz beacon we plan to use an IF of around 600MHz, for this we need 4 band-pass filters.
Does anyone know a source for these filters ?




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