Re: Dasco DQ7013 10MHz Ovened Osc - CCT

Colin Ranson

Hi David,


Derek Smith, the original maker, got back to me. Lovely chap.


All now working and very stable. Checked against my GPS O/P om HP counter.



Thanks for help.



Colin de G8LBS


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From: David GM6BIG
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Subject: Re: [UKMicrowaves] Dasco DQ7013 10MHz Ovened Osc - CCT


Hi Colin,

See photo of a fuzzy diagram of a cct it was used in.
I don't have the physical pinout to hand, will dig it out later.

Osc is a bit sensitive Hz/volt on the control V, but usable up to 10G
with care.
Would recommend a separate dedicated regulated supply for the tuning
The control voltage allows a wide-ish swing of the 10MHz, handy for some

The rumour mill suggests they work at 12V, some might, but they are
prone to instability at 12V.
Spec is 15V for a reason !

If you want to lock it, the VE2ZAZ design can be reduced to 4 chips or
so and it can be built on vero, just think about noise around the op amp
- easy.

Cheers DAvid GM6BIG

On 06/02/2021 00:00, Colin Ranson wrote:
> Brian,     good to hear theres another out there !    you say you have
> no data ?    all I’m looking for is the pin out connections and the
> volts to run it at if you can help with that.
> Best regards
> Colin
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> Hi Colin,
> I have a Dasco DQ7013 10MHz OCXO. I got it from David GM6BIG. I have
> no data on it but I ran it for a couple years in the GM3WOJ 10 GHz 10
> Ghz beacon. It was stable and held the frequency within a few 10s of
> Hz at 10 GHz. I am currently using as the reference for my FT736R to
> lock an external 20048 kHz VCO. It is a good OCXO.
> 73s
> Brian GM8BJF

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