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John Fell

Hi Ben,
There was an article in Radcom Microwave column a couple of years back showing how to modify a Franko Sat LNB board to produce a low noise front end for 5.7GHz .
I have one and it has around 1.5dB noise figure and 15dB gain  , which would be a good start towards a TVTR.Followed by an ERA gaas Mod amp .

Evanescent filters are easy to make and will give you bandpass after the front end stage .

Build/buy a synth board to provide a lockable LO for TX/RX and bosh some i.f. passband filtering together .
  Add a couple of mixer stages and some control system/sequencing and you are there .  

The Birmingham lads (G8OHM)  have/had  PA modules at modest second hand prices for 8W output  .

I would start with the RX and use the Beacons available locally to you (GB3OHM on .900 and GB3ZME on .910 +/-a few kHz ) .

Have added a 5.7GHz VE4MA to my 60cm 10GHz offset dish ,off boresight in the horizontal - seems to have little influence to the 10GHz LNB and just needs you to offset on your rotator readout .

Hope to use my Kune TVTR on EME next , after 24GHz tests .

Gud Luck.


It's just stopped raining !

On Wed, 3 Feb 2021 at 10:15, militaryoperator via <> wrote:
Subject: Re: [UKMicrowaves] 6Cm?
If you fancy a build try the w1ghz uses pipe cap filters so fairly easy and not many components.
I can always run tests with you Ben we should have a fairly good path when conditions ok
73 chris G0WUS

Hi Chris. Yes, I have read the W1GHZ bit about his trvrt, and I did buy some copper endcaps to try and make some filters for a laugh, just not got around to it yet. 

So far all the bands have been plug and play with a few bits of string between them, nothing that a basic foundation holder couldn't do, hi. SGL for 23, 13, 9 and a Kuhne on 3.  

I have bought the BATC 23Cm amp pcb and all the bits, another thing sitting on the self.  I even bought a hot plate to have a go at flow soldering, did try it on a test pcb with a few smd bits, works great so at least I have that tool in the box should I need it.

I'll keep thinking on the issue so see you on the other bands till then Chris, hi. 

Ben G4BXD 

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