Sockets for soldering into PCB, intended for clasping and releasing one wire only


Greetings to all readers!

First of all, does anyone know the electronics industry name given to small single-conductor 'sockets' which are usually soldered into a PCB, designed to mechanically clasp a stiff wire (c. 0.7 mm dia.) and later to release that wire as whatever that wire is connected to is pulled away from the PCB?

I have seen such things in some boards taken from pieces of HP test equipment where there is a small 'daughter' board fitted to the parent board but still able to be removed from it.

Discovering the 'normal' name given to these is a first step towards possibly acquiring some....and the obvious next question is whether anyone knows a current source for this type of item....

Thanks in anticipation,

--Doug Friend, VK4OE.

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