F6BVA 3cm-UHF transverters project

Neil Smith G4DBN

I now have requests for 62 of the silver-plated F6BVA 10 GHz-UHF transverter PCBs, and several more tentative enquiries. The group buy for the first batch of 50 is now closed, so I am collecting expressions of interest for the next tranche, which will be in a month or two. Please email me directly if you would like to join the next group buy.  I have arranged a group buy of the Schubert tinplate boxes. We will also be doing a bulk purchase of mixer chips, FETS, and other components and accessories if there is a demand. Many of the common parts are available free to UKuG members from the Chipbank. https://www.microwavers.org -> Support -> Chipbank

My intention is to keep the BVA-transverters-uk IO group focussed tightly on the build details and support, purchasing admin and discussions around associated accessories.  Some of that is of general interest (eg local oscs, 3cm PAs, IF solutions), so I might cross-post an occasional update on the UKMicrowaves group. Links, technical documents, pictures and information about the project will be posted on the UKuG Wiki at https://wiki.microwavers.org.uk/F6BVA_3cm_transverter

The IO group is public, so if you want to view the archive of discussions, they are at https://groups.io/g/BVA-Transverters-UK

Anyone who is considering participating in the next group purchase of boards, components, boxes etc, or would like to take part in the technical discussions, is very welcome to join the group.

Neil G4DBN

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