Re: Eltek Flatpack2 PSU tracking numbers sent

Alan Melia

Yes indeed before Christmas I was issued a tracking number which it did not admit to being valid until the parcel was well on its way the local office I believe. There are times buying postage labels were the system seems overloaded and very slow......I guess one of their peak periods. Delivery man just seems to get on with it it......more reliable than the s/w :-))

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From: Andy G4JNT
Sent: Tuesday, February 02, 2021 3:49 PM
Subject: Re: [UKMicrowaves] Eltek Flatpack2 PSU tracking numbers sent

Has anyone checked their tracking number?   Mine is reporting not recognised

ISTR this has happened before, RM tracking not recognised, then the delivery turned up while I was staring at RM website, pondering why the no. didn't exist.


On Mon, 1 Feb 2021 at 16:57, Dave Cawley G4IUG <help@...> wrote:

I believe everyone who has ordered one,  has had an email this afternoon
with a tracking number.  If not please contact me.

73  Dave  G4IUG  Ex G8EAO

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