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So on the plus side ... the boards I ordered at about 10am on Saturday ( about 60 boards across 5 different projects) are all through production and into final inspection and shipping ...

On the downside, I am still locked in mortal combat with my SMD machine after a software upgrade.  My code that produces the binary format production file for the machine from an Eagle .BRD XML file is not quite playing ball, mostly because the machine format is entirely undocumented.  It's tempting to rip the old DOS based controller off it and spend half a lifetime installing and Open Source pick and place system on the remains ...

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I like ’real’ RF Andy, seems a shame to relegate the DDS to the bin.


Happy rainy days !




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Or use a synthesizer module...






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High Power DC 5V-36V 15A 400W MOSFET Trigger Switch Drive Module

High Power DC 5V-36V 15A 400W MOSFET Trigger Switch Drive Module

Total: £5.99 per pair.

Order number: 15-06479-48440

Item number: 133549042395






2 x modules arrived this morning.   Rather amused to see that the high current switching (with those blue screw down connectors ? )  is done in the NEGATIVE line !   Oh well, expect they will be useful for something.


I have ordered one of the French 10GHz PCB’s.    I knew I would build something one day with a UHF IF, funnily enough I have a couple of the mixers already in stock- premonition ? About 5 years ago I built a G4HUP DDS with an output of 92MHz. So just need to knuckle down and make a multiplier chain (x3, x3, x3.)


Regards to all,


Colin de G8LBS.


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Robin Szemeti - G1YFG

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