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On 31/01/2021 10:38, Andy G4JNT wrote:
SO why not some enterprising VK  buy on your behalf - add a bit on for the trouble and send as a private transaction.
Andy <>
The reason for the VAT changes are given as

Who will benefit from this proposal?

Businesses will benefit from a substantial reduction in cross-border VAT compliance costs. This will facilitate greater cross-border trade.

EU Businesses will be able to compete on equal footing with non-EU businesses that are not charging VAT.

Member States will gain through an increase in VAT revenues of EUR 7 billion annually.

The first point Robin has already alluded to.

The last point shows how much un-taxed stuff was coming in to the EU. I don't know what the missing UK VAT proportion was but probably a fair chunk of that figure.

In this case, Mini-kits can mark the item as a gift and the recipient pays the right tax to the PO when it arrives in the UK and is delivered. Nothing dodgy, the tax gets collected even if it's not a gift.

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