Re: 24 GHz Feed Horn

John Lemay



I’m using a ‘JXX feed for my PF dish on 3cms, and it works fine, better than the RF HamDesign loop. I think the ‘JXX 10 and 24GHz parts are sub-contracted.


If you need anything else, I regularly import his aerials and it’s easy for me to add bits and pieces to an order. I’ve not imported dish feeds, considering the market to be quite small, but I’m happy to be proved wrong – after all, 50 feeds will be needed soon for those 50 F6BVA transverters !


John G4ZTR


From: [] On Behalf Of Denis Stanton G0OLX
Sent: 30 January 2021 15:27
Subject: Re: [UKMicrowaves] 24 GHz Feed Horn


I0JXX have just sent me a Login code so that I can now place a order
Lets see how I get on
Thanks everybody Best 73's


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