Re: F6BVA 10 GHz transverter PCB group order

Paul G8AQA

Hi Neil,

If not too late please put me down for 1 full set.

Paul G8AQA

On 28/01/2021 21:47, Neil Smith G4DBN wrote:

Sorry for the short notice, but Pierre-François is likely to close this group buy tomorrow, so if you would like to order some PCBs, please say so quickly! 

Don't worry about the components part of the order, plenty of time to sort that out, just let me know if you want a PCB. The price will probably fall a little as the volume increases, but the likely price is somewhere around £30 if we get stung for VAT and carrier ransom fee and duty. If Royal Mail are still operating by the time the boards arrive, I'll post them out first class large unless you are in one of the areas where they have given up trying, but again, we can sort that later on.

Details are at

Once the boards arrive, I'll contact you for delivery info and let you know the final cost. Paypal or bank transfer or cheque are fine

Remember you need to provide a suitable local osc.  Read the info and the link that Daniel posted earlier. As mentioned, if you are not up to speed in French tech abbreviations, CI = PCB, CMS = SMD, OL = LO

This is the order so far. If I've missed you off or got the number wrong, or you need to change/cancel, please let me know before tomorrow night

Neil G4DBN

GI0GDP 2 x PCB  
G4GLT 1 x PCB  
G8AFC 1 x PCB  
G0UHY 2 x PCB  
G1YFG 1 x PCB  
G4LDR 1 x PCB  
G4DBN 5 x PCB 5 x full sets
G3ZQU 1 x PCB  
G8JVM 1 x PCB  
G3LYP 1 x PCB 1 x FETs and Mixer
G4KNZ 1 x PCB 1 x full set


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