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mike G6TRM

Hi Guys,
I've been reading your posts with interest, as I have had a similar problem for ages.. After a fruitless search round my local area trying to locate the source of the noise, I made a video of it on my spectrum analyser with receiver audio that I put on YouTube for a couple of friends to view to see if they had any ideas. Best guess at the time was a cheapy remote weather station or similar..
Hopefully it is of interest and possibly similar to what is being discussed.
I was much surprised to see the YouTube post was back in 2016!!  Sadly it is still happening without any respite  (24/7) despite 4 further searches.
It never was very high on my list of must get sorted, as I live in a RF hole so there wasn't much point. 
 For those who might be interested, look on YouTube for..    mike bryant 70cm....SA view..lasts only 1.18 mins.
Mike G6TRM

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satellite has moved on .......................

On 27 January 2021 at 15:24 Phil Williams <philwill73@...> wrote:

Well I am pleased to report in my case that wideband racket has gone, for now.

On Wed, 27 Jan 2021 at 12:41, John Fell < john.g0api@...> wrote:
About 20 years ago , when the civil services introduced the still current digital comms system ,I was looking after GB3SZ , the UHF 1.6MHz split Repeater in central Bournemouth.
Being based on the usual Pye deck + Amateur band tweaks ,the RX squelch was hammered when the local Police started the new system from 150m LOS.

The late Nick Foot G4WHO and I had to spend considerable time adding cavity filtering and tweaking the system using R&S sig gens , comms Rxs and Spec Anns on top of a 10 storey office block.

We got our own back when some months later I was rung up by an officer from the RF investigations division in Bristol .He asked if I knew about an RF device sending "something one of our lot thinks is Morse " and after several mins thinks it sends GB3SC .

I was able to confirm being the Keeper and that it was a VHF Repeater .

He said they were getting occasional breakthrough on a newly installed multi-site repeater , which had a node 150m away .....

I referred him to Nick ,who just happened to be the Owner/MD of AQL EMC .

Nick had a chat and agreed to go to the Bournemouth site for  alook .

Turns out a contractor had gone through the Control Room and removed some cylindrical objects that had " nothing to do with the new system  " .i.e. they had dissed the antenna filtering components used to provide selective performance from out of band high level sources of RF .

As it turned out they had kept the items in a store room and Nick was able to refit - the complete multi-site system performance improved considerably and Nick picked up another Consultancy contract .

70cm is a shared Secondary allocation and has been for many years . I hope the current crop of QRM crap fails fast .


On Wed, 27 Jan 2021 at 11:54, Colin Ranson < g8lbs@...> wrote:



On the input of IH its like ‘chuff........ chuff,chuff’    ‘chuff.........chuff,chuff’ on weak signals and  as you say, at various times, also very broadband.



Colin de G8LBS.


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There have been several different 70cm rackets in recent months.  Is this the one that sounds like 1pps marching on the spot.  It moves around and can occur on repeater inputs and outputs.  Its audible  at various times on all the 70cm repeaters I can receive .  It starts up and goes away without warning and seems very hard to get a bearing on.  I suspect its multiple sources and we are likely stuck with it from now on as I guess its almost certainly a licence free qrm machine.
73s John G8ACE







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