Re: ERA-02 as a multiplier

Andy G4JNT

Still using the 723 regulator?
That thing is so complicated to connect up compared with an LM317.  And, I believe, a lot noisier.   
Isn't it so old that the reference inside it is an actual Zener?  If so, no wonder it's noisy.
I formally learnt about them in 1976 - remember it well.

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The Gali-2 is good to 8GHz.......    I ‘rats nested’ one from 1278 – 2556MHz, think I set bias at about 2.2-2.5V with a 723 regulator. Yet to build on a proper PCB.




Colin de G8LBS.



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From: Greg - ZL3IX
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Subject: [UKMicrowaves] ERA-02 as a multiplier


Does anyone have experience of using the ERA-02 as a tripler from around 3.5 GHz to around 10.5 GHz? I know they work in triplers up to 3 GHz, but I was wondering whether they have a respectable performance higher up, or whether one needs to use an MMIC that actually has some gain at 10 GHz.


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