Re: ERA-02 as a multiplier

Andy G4JNT

Yes, I've used then for both X3 and X4 to 10GHz.  They work very well.   Operate at a bit lower than the recommended bias level to increase non-linearity.
IIRC, I got something like 0dB tripler gain at 0dBm.   May have remembered that wrongly tho.
Try it and see - play with the optimum biassing.

And, BTW,   an MSA family modamp was used as a doubler in the Inmarsat-3 satellite, in the frequency generator module.
So if it's good enough for a spacecraft ...

On Sun, 24 Jan 2021 at 19:36, Greg - ZL3IX <zl3ix@...> wrote:
Does anyone have experience of using the ERA-02 as a tripler from around 3.5 GHz to around 10.5 GHz? I know they work in triplers up to 3 GHz, but I was wondering whether they have a respectable performance higher up, or whether one needs to use an MMIC that actually has some gain at 10 GHz.

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