Re: cling film?

John Fell

Ah yes ,
A mini olde style Fylingdales Radome would work .You may find /p operation would bring more attention than you would like and if it was windy ........

Good to see the next generation working through the systems Engineering we had to do on narrowband 10GHz back in the late 1980s ,Such Fun .

On Sun, 24 Jan 2021 at 16:34, militaryoperator via <> wrote:
Hi Ben,
Polystyrene boxes and cling film are OK for temp /P .
Keep up the good work .

Thanks John. 

Should do a little better this year, didn't start in this field until April last year so should get 3 months of extra points, hi.
Thinking on keeping rain off the radiator, a balloon would be good, blown up to cover but not touch the elements but can't get it on, hi. 

Need like a sphere, in two halves, bottom has coax though it first, connected, then bottom and top halves joined together to keep the rain off the radiator, hi. 

All good fun!


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