Re: Snow Scatter

Brian Howie GM4DIJ

In message <>, John Fell <> writes
A large band of snow cloud heading East from this QTH is producing SS
from SEE and PKT .
Not snow scatter, but I recently worked out why the GB3CSB microwave beacons sounded fuzzy on a particular heading.

This is 23cm, 9cm and 13cm are much broader at times. I get a reflection on 3cm, but I've not looked at it on Spectran.

The GB3CSB site is line of sight to the huge Whitelees Wind farm on high ground to the south of Glasgow IO75TR81 . The turbines are very tall , the rotor hub is 65m agl, the rotor 9m diameter and there are 215 of them.

I'm not LOS to them but the path is not too bad.

The Spectrogram was Tuesday afternoon. By the time the contest started and the snow came on, both the 23cm and 9cm beacons, ( and everyone else) had vanished.

Maybe someone in a suitable location might like to try a turbine scatter QSO.

Brian GM4DIJ

Brian Howie

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